Weekly Gaming Sessions

We meet in the in the upstairs gaming rooms at Acme Games in Llandudno for regular gaming sessions.

Weekly Events

The gaming on our weekly sessions begins at 6:30, but we recommend players arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to register. Doors open at 6:00.

  • Tuesdays: Open Wargames Night
  • Wednesdays: Boardgames and RPG Night
  • Thursdays: Warmachine/Hordes/Other Wargames Night
  • Fridays: Magic: The Gathering (FNM)
  • Saturdays: Under 18′s Open Gaming (12PM-6PM)

Monthly & Occasional

  • Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse, Tournaments
  • Magic: The Gathering: Prereleases, Launch Parties, Game Days
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Sneak Peeks

Gaming Sessions Entry Fee

Entry costs is £2.50 for most gaming sessions (or £1.50 for under 16s).

Acme games also have loyalty cards which can be used to gain free entry. Each stamp (you get one stamp for every £10 you spend) on your loyalty card entitles you to free admission to one session (or 2 sessions for under 16s). In the case of bigger events where the entry cost would be over £2.50, you can use multiple stamps at an equivalent value of £2.50 each.

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